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Sports Series

Sports Series:gliding rope,parachute rope,climbing rope,sails rope etc.

Battle rope:

Perfect training equipment for Men and Women of all Fitness Level.

Battle Ropes will get you Burn Fat, Lose Weight, Get Stronger, Improve Mobility, Build Resistance, Increase Stamina, and much more!


Material: polyester(Poly Dacron) or nylon

100% Polyester, Wear Resistant and Durable,Or add polyester sleeve will protect the rope from friction and fray, more durable and will last many years of usage

Easy to keep and carry perfect for indoor and outdoor training and workouts.

People who currently use these ropes are basketball players, swimmers, tennis players, volleyball players. In addition fighters like boxers and UFC fighters use these too. Most of the time, the battle ropes are used for physical training but it is not limited to just that. The rope has many other uses like fighting power rope, climbing rope and tug of war rope.

Climbing rope:

Material: double braided polyester,polyester cover and nylon core, aramid

Both ends sewed with 2 hooks,Divided into power rope and static rope

Widely application:Escape, Fire Survival, Backup, Climbing, Hiking, Camping, Downhill, Engineering protection, Lanyard, Tree Stand Accessories, Training, Aloft work, Caving, Abseiling, SRT etc.


Cautions when using the rope:

1.Check the rope to see if it is knotted or scarred before using it

2.Avoid the rope get touch with sharp stuff;if you have to,please cover the towel to protect the rope

3.Don’t lend the rope to others;It is dangerous to use the rope which has crack, and you don’t know it

Parachute rope:

Umbrella rope has many uses in military, outdoor and daily life. Fixed gun belt, magazine quick pull, entangled knife handle, fixed tent, packing and bundling, drying clothes, and weaving some accessories, and so on.

Military colors such as green, khaki and wolf brown are ideal colors for military umbrella rope, because they have a good camouflage effect. But in outdoor sports, red is the best, because it stands out, it is easy to find, if you put it on the ground, it can be used to assist positioning.


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