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Fishing Series

Fishing Series:fishing net rope,fishing-boat mooring,fishing-boat towing,large-scale trawl etc.

Fishing net rope:

Rope mainly because of high work of rupture it is capable of withstanding sudden shocks and also return to its original shape after stretching because of its high elasticity. Therefore whenever the net is pulled back from water , the fibre is capable of withstand that sudden shock and also the net is pulled it will maintain its original shape.


Solid Braided Nylon Rope is a heavy duty rope that can be used in many ways. This rope has a smooth surface and stretches to absorb shock.

Twisted Nylon Rope is very strong and elastic. Because of elasticity it absorbs sudden shock well. This rope has very good resistance to abrasion.

And others as polyester rope,polypropylene,polyester cover and nylon core,etc

Fishing-boat mooring:

Bow ropes: Bow ropes stop the bow of a boat from moving side to side. A bow rope also keeps a boat from drifting away when tied alongside, such as when you’re tied off to a bulkhead or pier.

Breast ropes: Breast ropes are used to keep a boat from moving away from a pier, or to make it easier when pulling the boat closer for easier boarding.

Spring ropes: Spring ropes keep a boat from moving forward or aft. Generally only two of these ropes are required, but as many as four are sometimes used, depending on the situation.

Stern ropes: Stern lines prevent the stern of a boat from moving side to side or, when tying up alongside a bulkhead or pier, a stern line keeps a boat from drifting away from the dock.


Large-scale trawl :

It is mainly composed of towing cable, sampling iron frame, net basket and so on.

Trawling is a fishing operation in which fishing vessels tow bag-shaped nets to force fishing objects into the net. it can actively and flexibly tow fish, which is mainly used in the ocean.


Ocean-going trawls generally fix the nets behind both sides of the ship's trawl slides for easy collection and release.

The boats that are used for trawling are called trawlers or draggers. Trawlers vary in size from small open boats with as little as 30 hp (22 kW) engines to large factory trawlers with over 10,000 hp (7.5 MW). Trawling can be carried out by one trawler or by two trawlers fishing cooperatively (pair trawling)

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