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Ship Series

Mooring,towing vessels,ocean rescue,transportation hoisting etc.


A mooring is any permanent structure to which a vessel may be secured. Examples include quays, wharfs, jetties, piers, anchor buoys, and mooring buoys. A ship is secured to a mooring to forestall free movement of the ship on the water. 


Double braided uhmwpe rope                     

12- strand uhmwpe rope  

8-strand polyamide(nylon)rope                  

12-strands polyamide(nylon)rope  

Doulble braided polyamide(nylon)rope      

6-strand Atlas rope

8-strand polyester rope                               

12-strand polyester rope

Double braided polyester rope                    

8-strand Mixed polypropylene&polyester rope

12-strand Mixed polypropylene&polyester rope

8-strand polypropylene mono rope            

12-strand polypropylene mono  rope

8-strand polypropylene multi rope               

12-strand polypropylene multi rope

Double braided polypropylene multi rope    

Double braided Aramid rope

Vessels Towing :  

A tow line is the essential link between tug and ship. This applies to tugs operating alongside a vessel in the push-pull mode as well as to towing tugs fastened with a tow line to the bow or stern of a ship, also called `tugs towing on a line?. ... Basic requirements for tow lines.The towing ropes are used as vessel and tugboat ropes worldwide and the towing ropes are used in applications where shock load or high seas do not occur.


12-Strand uhmwpe rope                         

8-strand Mixed polypropylene&polyester rope

8-strand polyamide(nylon )rope            

8-strand polypropylene mono rope     

12-strand polypropylene mono  rope    

8-strand polypropylene multi rope 

Ocean rescue:

Ocean Marine rescue, Line-thrower is a conventional equipment for connection the rescue ship with the ship in distress in the process of ship towing rescue. With the strong, durable,strong, durable, handles well, Our Recomen rescue rope be the best choice for the ocean rescue.


Twisted pp rope                    

3 strand nylon rope

12-strand uhmwpe rope       

double braided Aramid rope.

Transportation hoisting:

With low elongation, high strength, RECOMEN uhmwpe ropes are the best one to be a hoisting line.Benefits over traditional wire rope include a weight saving of 80 %, it is torque neutral and does not suffer kinking or “birdcaging”


12 strands uhmwpe(hmpe) rope

Double braided uhmwpe rope

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