Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Meatball & Wine Bar, CBD

Meatball & Wine Bar
135 Flinders Lane
(Formerly Breadwell Cafe)

"Wanna go for meatballs for lunch?"

Is it possible to answer this question in a negative way? Do you really want to be friends with someone who doesn't like meatballs? (there are fish and veg options, so there are no excuses! =p )

Luckily, Ms K was happy to come with to Meatball & Wine Bar for a quick lunch during the week. We sat on long benches at a communal table - look, I love sharing food and the communal approach, but these long benches seemed a little impractical for both diners and waiters. However, I also love to see what other people are ordering and if they are enjoying their food, so thumbs up for spying ability on the shared table/bench.

Enough griping, onto the food: choose from different type of meatballs (beef, chicken, fish and veg - some with more trimmings in the fillings than others) plus a tomato, creamy or herby sauce. You can then pick an accompaniment - such as pasta or greens as below, or you can have them as mini burgers (sliders) or as a hero sanger.

We shared the Chicken, Pistachio, Muscatel and Parmesan meatballs with the tomato sauce and homemade pasta. Great flavours - with the minor quibble that the meatballs could have had a little more fat to make them a bit silkier? Altogether, a great combination - you can't really go wrong with a good tomato sauce!

We also shared the Fish, dill and lemon meatballs (which possibly contained potato too). These were made with shredded fish meat (rather than cooking minced raw fish - as a fishball in a noodle soup might be made for example), and were delicate and light. Great with the asparagus too.

Since the meatballs were smaller in size, we opted for the Whoopie Mac dessert, essentially an ice cream sandwich. Again we were given choices of macarons and icecream, here we have Chocolate macs with Cherry Icecream and Pistachio macs with vanilla.

Yes, they are MASSIVE. We laughed and laughed when these humungous sandwiches appeared. They are bigger than the glass of water (refer pic below). It was waay too late to Abort! so we soldiered on.

Ice creams pretty good. Macs less so.
Our advice, skip the desserts, stick with mains!

Spy report: the cured meats and giant mozarella balls are next thing to try here! Looked pretty awesome at the next table. I am also keen to try the jerky (what is ninja jerky do you think?) and breakfast balls are coming soon, curiouser and curiouser.

The Meatball bar filled quickly during our time there, and it was a 90 minute wait the Friday night before, so be prepared to wait at peak times or head out for an early lunch.


  1. I happened to find this site and glad I did. the whoopie pie dessert looks splendid!

  2. I don't like food that's too carefully arranged; it makes me think that the chef is spending too much time arranging and not enough time cooking. If I wanted a picture I'd buy a painting.

    Andy Rooney


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