Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ajitoya, seddon

82 charles street
open: tues - sun, 11am-9pm (3pm on sun).

we have recently moved out west, and i'm afraid to say that with updates from eky and her wefo* mother's club (these guys know everything that is going on in the west, seriously!), as well as keeping up with footscray food blog and consider the sauce, we have simply been tucking in and forgetting the pics (sorry m's!). it's bit like the tree falling in the forest, a modern dilemma: can you post on a food blog without photographic evidence? were you really there? =p

so we are proud to post that we had the lovely pleasure of dining at ajitoya in seddon for lunch (is 11:30am technically lunch?). previously, we were unlucky and the premises were being renovated, and seeing ajitoya open, being greedy and pretty much always hungry, we immediately decided to lunch early.

 Karaage set from Ajitoya

there were plenty of starters, sushi and rice dishes to choose from the menu. we ordered the karaage and sashimi lunch sets, which arrive with salad options, rice and miso soup.  the karaage were tender and juicy, and the sashimi was melt-in-your-mouth fresh and delicious. oftentimes, miso soup can often be quite salty, but ajitoya's version was sweet and soft - perfect for the meal. elmo was very pleased to see a selection of japanese craft beers available too (is 11:45am too early for a beer?). 

luckily, elmo has the patience to take pics, i'd already started tucking into the sashimi (yum!). we were treated to lovely service and excellent food, and look forward to returning and tasting some of the beers!

note: ajitoya are closing for two weeks in october for renovations, so get in while you can. or enjoy your japanese beers in summer!

* that's west footscray to us plebs

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