Friday, November 11, 2011

Sydney seafood school- BBQ seafood lesson

 For Magic G's birthday last year I got a seafood BBQ voucher from the Sydney Seafood School, held at the Sydney Fish Markets. We used it over the weekend and discovered some tricks to making some simple and other more fiddly seafood meals. Altogether the cooking lesson runs for half the day- there's a 2 hour cooking demonstration with a Q and A session but by the time you get around to cooking yourself, the smells are almost enough to make you want to ditch and grab some fish n' chips from the stalls outside!  

We made five different dishes, exploring step by step different methods of preparation. For the prawns we were shown how best to remove the stomach/nerve track and peel them for maximum absorption of  tangy chilli marinade. They served to temper our appetite while we spent the next ninety minutes preparing the rest of our meal. We were shown how to de-bone and butterfly garfish, peel and clean squid, dry and salt salmon to make it crispy and perhaps the most frustrating part of the lesson de-beard mussels. The results are shown below. Overall it was enjoyable and practical for anyone wanting to learn how to properly BBQ seafood and the best part was eating the results at the end of the session. 

 butterfly BBQ garfish and rocket salad

 BBQ salmon steaks with creamy lime and garlic mayonnaise

garlic butter mussels

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