Monday, January 16, 2012

Middle fish- new thai temptation near Melbourne University

7am-5pm on Monday to Friday
10am-4pm on Saturday and Sunday
122-128 Berkeley Street, North Melbourne

Just before the Christmas break serenity later and I headed over to Seven Seeds for a caffeine fix and noticed rumblings next door. Peeking in we saw a large warehouse set up with hip furnishings and a very enthusiastic couple welcoming us to dine in. Unfortunately, it was too early for food but we promised to return. 

Now that work's started up for the new year and I'm back in the hood, I took the opportunity to check out Middle Fish (lots of other folk have already given it the thumbs up but at least we can add to the recommendations).  Unfortunately we were only in a grazing mood this instance but found a few  light and tasty treats.

vegetable spring rolls

 Hot and sour apple, shrimp and strawberry salad

Banana Roti with condensed milk

We also tried the Green Curry and Tom Yum soup with rice on a different occasion, both delicious and very tasty. The only drawback is because it's a new, hip place-the lunch rush leaves you waiting awhile for your food, so best ot check it out before noon or after two.

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  1. Yum!! banana roti w condensed milk, elmo will love this...


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