Wednesday, November 09, 2011


If you look through the archives of this blog, you'll find a more summery take on the traditional tiramisu. This version is taken from Italian Food Safari but there are many more .... and a lot of those are more straightforward than this one!! I found the timing can get a bit tricky, especially when it comes to making the meringue, so have a think about the logistics before embarking on this step. I also tried this using my handheld mixer, and must admit that I really did think that my flimsy whisk attachment was going to break at one point. So if you have anything like a stand mixer (I wanted a KitchenAid before, but now I really want one!) then by all means use it!! That said, this did turn out really well.

3 egg yolks
60g castor sugar
500g mascarpone (but Philadelphia cream cheese works fine)
70ml Kahlua
1 packet savoiardi biscuits
80g dark chocolate, ground
hot espresso coffee

For meringue
100ml cold water
250g castor sugar
125ml egg whites

Whisk egg yolks and castor sugar on high speed, until fluffy and pale in colour. Add the mascarpone/cream cheese and whisk until mixture thickens. Once it has thickened, add Kahlua and keep mixing until just combined. Do not overmix. Set aside.

Add water to a clean saucepan. Slowly add castor sugar such that all grains get wet and there aren't any on the walls of the saucepan. On a medium heat, bring to soft ball stage. What this means is that if you take a spoonful of the sugar mixture and drop it into a cup of cold water, the sugar mixture should form a small ball.

Whisk egg whites until fluffy and forming peaks. At this stage, start adding the hot sugar mix. When all sugar added, keep whisking until cooled.

Fold the meringue into the mascarpone/cream cheese mix.

Briefly dip the biscuits in hot coffee (don't want them soggy). Line a baking tray with the biscuits alongside each other.

Add a layer of the mascarpone/cream cheese mix, then sprinkle generously with ground chocolate. Cover this with biscuits and repeat the layering of the cheese and chocolate.

Keep in fridge at least 2 hours before serving.


  1. This looks great Yoss- wish I was the lucky one tasting it too!

  2. Your tiramisu is exquisitely delicious - love how beautiful it looks!

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