Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tanuki's Cave- Auckland

Tanuki's Cave
319b Queen Street, Auckland
No reservations

On a recent trip to Auckland, some friend's and I found ourselves at a place called Tanuki's Cave. It was clearly a popular place, we had to wait almost an hour upstairs in Tanuki's bar- but it gave us an opportunity to sample some interesting drinks and I was very happy with the sake I shared. When our table was finally ready we walked down a flight of dimly lit stairs- feeling as if you were descending into some dark lair.

By the time we sat down we were starving an decided order a plate each. We were surprised when the dishes arrived there was so much food - the servings were large for bar food and full of fried goodness!

fried calamari

Fried kumara balls with almonds flakes- yummy sweet and crunchy balls!
Roast mushroom and mince

There were also fried fish and pumpkin and some yummy BBQ corn and other fried vegetables but I didn't take photos of everything and also lost the photos of the pick up sticks/jenga tower we tried creating with the skewers.


  1. mmm, food on a stick =)

    hope you're well miss m's!

  2. looks like you missed out on the chicken bits - their yakitori skewers with chicken thighs/skin/hearts are all awesome

  3. Hi jfox> food is always tastier on a stick! Yum!

    Hi sawks> thanks for your comment, I think we did try some chicken thighs- very tasty- but passed on the chicken hearts!

  4. Fried food always goes down well with a few drinks..

  5. Hi susan> It sure does! Mmm just had a perve on your site there are so many delicious looking dishes and places to try.

    I'm a regular visitor to Canberra so will definitely have to try out some of your recommendations next time I'm up there! Thanks!


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