Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Adore Tea House

Adore Boutique Tea House
Federation Square One,
O'Hanlon St, Nicholls,  ACT
Phone (02) 6230 9962
(Facebook page)

If you find yourself in the nations capital looking for somewhere to while away a few hours, head to Gold Creek Village in Nicholls- a quiet corner in the Canberra's North West.

Getting to the village you arrive at the famous Cockington Gardens. There's also the National Dinosaur Museum, Walk in aviary and specialty craft stores in Federation square. We went for a walk through in search of a place to sit and have something to eat/drink.
 Adore Tea House is a boutique cafe and function venue which has a huge range of teas, served in custom glass teapots to show off the tea colour. There is also an online store here where you can order from over 300 blends of single-leaf and blended teas or you could just purchase them if you visit.

The menu is mostly different varieties of tea but also serves desserts including poffertjes (Dutch mini pancakes), Devonshire tea, a tasting platter of cheeses and dips and occasionally high tea is served. When we went, there were many locals sitting leisurely reading the paper over 1-2 pots of tea in the sun and sharing pancakes. We each decided to try a different tea so I had a pot of the Quince Sencha- I'm no tea expert, but was happily satisfied with the taste. The snack platter also hit the spot those there wasn't anything too revelatory. There was also a band playing easy listening mu-zac which made for a pleasant overall atmosphere.

Lastly, the walk in bird aviary next door overlooks the cafe and play area, which means an occasional squawk to be heard- especially if someone happens to sit in the outdoors section with their dog. 


  1. tea and muzak sounds great =)

    hope you're well m!

  2. sounds like an ideal way to spend a lazy afternoon!

  3. I love the way they serve their tea.


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