Sunday, May 23, 2010

Japanese Festival

Apparently there's almost a festival from a selected culture every other week down at the Box Hill town hall, and on this occasion I trundled down on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to experience a Japanese festival. Full of crafts, bonsai, flower arrangements, martial arts demonstrations and even cut price haircuts, there was a little for everyone. However occupying the nearby TAFE carpark was where most punters ventured - the food.

A hungry throng of people gathered and was disappointed I waited too long to sample the Ramen which ran out from the little stall in a flash. I was also fearful of the noodle man's pants catching fire.
I did manage to sample some okonomiyaki (although not from this stall as the line was too long!) It's always impressive how the masses are fed in a fast and furious manner however.
While you can't attend a Japanese festival without Gyoza.


  1. Very interesting, we have some fest late in July ... :D

  2. yum! i love japanese food - too bad about missing out on the ramen jonno!


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