Monday, May 24, 2010

Food Inc

i'm depressed. and shocked.

we saw food, inc. tonight, a documentary describing the current state of the American food industry.

you may already know about some of the shocking practices currently existing in the food industry. it's depressing to think that in a mere generation or so, we have somehow shifted to viewing our animals and plants as manufactured, factory products.

while i was aware of some of the issues discussed in the film, i wasn't prepared for the extreme conditions that chickens and cows endure, all to service the economy of scale and high yield. it is truly inhumane.

what's worse, this desire for uniform and cheap food products impacts not only our diet, but in the pursuit of profits, corporations are forcing farmers to buy into financially unviable farming practices, introducing fatal E.coli strains in food due to unhygienic factories, and paying peanuts to factory workers for conveyor-belt, fast-food style work.

as margaret says, knowledge is power. she declared that she was demanding organic food everywhere she goes. vote with your wallet: we will be thinking much more about what we buy and what our dollar will support.

have you seen food, inc. or the end of the line? what did you think?

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