Saturday, February 27, 2010

Toki Japanese

Toki Japanese
88 Grattan Street,
VIC 3053
 phone: +61 (03) 9347 9748.
Surprisingly, I've passed this place so often over the years but only recently tried it for the first time with some friends for lunch. Just out of eyeshot from the throng of offerings on Lygon Street, one can be forgiven for walking by in pursuit of pizza and gelati. I'm glad we decided to go in, this time.


I had a hankering for some noodles and ordered the yummy tofu vegetable udon in a light and tasty broth which really hit the spot! In my haste however, I overlooked  perhaps the better option of the Toki Platter- an offering of various dishes, served in small helpings so that you can sample several things from the menu at once. The platter included tempura, steamed vegetables, seasweed salad, coleslaw, sashimi (sparing, but good for a taste!) and agedashi with sesame seeds and oyster sauce. I really liked the zesty dressing on one of the salads which might have had carrot, orange, ginger and garlic - but my masterchef senses were not at their best!

This is a good option for lunch if you're looking for something reasonably priced that isn't pizza or pasta at this end of Grattan Street.
Which to sample first?

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  1. Looks great M's! The Toki platter looks like a great sharing option. I'm sure you managed to nab a few samples from the platter!


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