Sunday, February 14, 2010

If Only There Were Waves

Kamakuru is a short train ride from Tokyo, and while the main attractions are the multitude of shrines and temples, there's a beach where ardent Japanese surfers go to. Unfortunately there isn't much in terms of waves, although it does provide a nice contrast from the dense streets and neon lights.Yes, I know I should have been eating more of the traditional foods found in Japan, but I decided stop into this burger shop for some brunch. I'd veered off the track a bit and needed to rest up in any case. Often I've found its the stories people tell you and their willingness to share that made Japan a special place to visit. On this particular occasion, one of the guys that worked there made conversation with me about where I was from and where I was staying. It turned out that Bill Granger has started up a restaurant nearby and he'd worked there forBill for a year learning from him. Then we got talking about the surf beaches in Australia (of which I know nothing about) and his wish to come to here one day (mainly for the surf!).
Anyway, I filled up with this offering:
One thing I'll say about Japan; More often than not, the actual food represents a close likeness to pictures in the menus or plastic food displays. A really nice burger, thick patty and fresh, simple salad and sauce.


  1. that burger does look perfect doesn't it! everything is so cleanly cut, even the lettuce leaves!

    i'm quite tickled by the thought of a japanese surfer - i guess i associate big metropolises with japan rather than surfer dudes at the beach =p

  2. Those photos look like they were taken somewhere up along the NSW/Queensland coast!

    Glad to see more of your Japan adventures up here!

    Sounds as if you got a chance to do more exploring on your return trip- wonder if you're planning anymore trips especially with the blossom festival coming up!

  3. jfox - You're absolutely right, it was almost too perfect to eat...I was quite surprised to see all the surfers over there too. Quite a contrast to the business suits and immaculately dressed people in the city.

    M's - Tragically I'm still only blogging my first trip! Oh, another trip is tempting, but I think it may need to be another country for the next holiday.


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