Sunday, January 10, 2010


Yes, it's a pathetic title for a post...

I've since returned from Kyoto and Osaka, but there are still a few more food posts from my time in Tokyo...

This was from my 2nd last day of Tokyo and, walking passed this restaurant on a number of occasions wondering if I should venture in. Scoping out the interior noticing a bar-type layout around the kitchen, I ventured inside.
Pointing to the phrase: "What would you recommend?" I was directed to the sashimi. However, I struggled to convey that this wouldn't fill me up, whereupon another waiter approached with an English menu.
Sashimi. Love the presentation...
Not game enough to select the individual yakitori dishes, I opted for the "5 kinds" selection. With the option of the special sauce or salt, the choice was more obvious.
Unfortunately because I chose the variety, I don't know what I ate, although all had different textures and were delicious!
To drink, I tried shōchū. Lethal! A few more of these and I'd have to be carried out.
To finish some fried tofu, eggplant topped with shredded parsnip and ginger.


  1. Yum indeed- appropriately titled post Jonno!

    Good to hear curiousity got the better of you and you checked out this place in the end- the food looks great and I wouldn't mind trying the shochu!

    Welcome back Jonno, hope this summer heat hasn't made you forget Japan quickly! Look forward to more travel posts!

  2. Thanks M's! Happy new year to you, I hope you had a good one. A tall glass of shochu would go down nicely on these hot summer days!

  3. love the presentation of all the food.. enjoying your japan food perves!


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