Thursday, January 14, 2010

Summer treats- Mango Tiramisu

Figure 1. Take a packet of savoiardi biscuits, soak them in a deadly concoction of mango or pineapple nectar,  booze of choice (rum or Grand Marnier) and the juice of one lemon and line them in the bottom of a shallow rectangular dish.

Figure 2. Proceed to layer with slivers of tangy mango (and remember to sample some to make sure that it's only of the highest quality!)

Figure 3. *missing* Apply another liberal drizzle of boozy nectar over mangoes in case you missed a spot- Oh and again, remember to sample some for quality assurance purposes!

Figure 4. Generously slather on half of the Marnier soaked sweetened marscapone cream. Arrange rest of soaked savoiardi, add rest of cream and top with remaining slices of mango. Toast flaked almonds and sprinkle on top. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours and 'clean up' bowl and any extra biscuits, mango slices that may be left over!

Variations of the recipe using passionfruit and or pineapple or rum can be found in December 2009 edition of Delicious, here, here and at the National Mango Board's website (beware those Mango lobbyists- they are very persuasive!)

What's yellow, rich and creamy, full of lush fruit and soaked in booze?

Well hello, what do we have here?


  1. YUM! Mangoes rarely make it passed getting sliced for me. Good show of restraint! Looks like a perfect dessert for summer M's!

  2. ooh! yum, will have to pass this recipe onto elmo, he loooves mangoes!


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