Thursday, December 24, 2009

Short and Sweet

I haven't even finished posting my food related experiences from my time in Tokyo and here's one from Osaka where I've just left today. It's a bit strange thinking about celebrating Christmas and NY's solo, but I must admit I'm not that saddened by it. Perhaps it's because I'm resigned to the fact that Santa won't visit this year, or maybe it's the excitement of seeing something other than a Video Hits compilation when the clock strikes midnight.

Anyway, this isn't the most exciting piece of food I've had, but in a balmy 5 degrees I decided to snack on some ice-cream. Ironically I didn't know until now, but Melbourne was sweltering in 38 degree heat. Honestly, I really only had a hankering for some ice-cream at the time, despite wearing gloves, a scarf and about 10 layers. (yeah, I'm not sure what goes through my head sometimes)
Ahhh the trusty vending machines deliver once again (ironically no chips, choc bars or lollies, 99% are just drinks, smokes and ice-creams). I selected the 2nd from the bottom, far right, costing approximately $1.50AudNo spilling or sticky fingers. You can also break these off to share. Yeah like that's going to happen! Chocolatey goodness with chopped nuts. (That's no Australian summer sun either!). Merry Christmas!


  1. i love the idea of an icecream vending machine!! what is the blue swirly one?

  2. Hi Jonno!

    Hope Japan was exciting second time around and you had lots of exciting food adventures too!

    I love the user friendly packaging of the ice cream- looks yummy too! Wonder what the other flavours were as well- the green one? the blue swirly one? I think we here in Australia miss out on a lot of intersting ice creams, would be greta if we had a vedning machine!

    Thanks for the post - Happy New Year!


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