Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Room for creativity: Gingerbread architecture

Dang! If only this was local! These architectural creations are the product of  the combined efforts by various Vancouver architects and Creative Room a multidisciplinary collective of creative professionals as implied by the site's statement.

They've been getting together the last few years to make unique gingerbread house designs which are  then auctioned off for charity. This year's offerings are an interesting bunch and my favourite is this one although Busby Perkins & Will's Candy Bar is also enticing- the only property I can afford. Hmmm... if I make a bid, what are my chances of getting it shipped all the way to Australia in one piece?

The 'MGB Ginger Tower'
by McFarlance, Green Biggar Architecture + Design Inc

Check out the other entries here
Maybe I'll just have to try and create my own...


  1. That's an epic tower! What's floating at the bottom of the jelly? It looks like a little edible cat? I wouldn't have the heart to break it up to eat even if it made it back in one piece!

  2. Hi Jonno> Yeah it looks like a tiger or something-didn't even realise that was a jelly moat- thought it was some coloured perspex. Some of them are pretty impressive structures- not sure if I'd have the guts to destroy the designs solely to taste them!


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