Sunday, August 02, 2009

Grigons and Orr corner store

Prior to our cooking lesson (see next post), Jfox, Special K and myself popped into Grigons and Orr for brunch. Looking around the old milk bar/corner shop in North Melbourne cum kitschy cafe- it is still set out in the same fashion (see link for cute photos). Products line the walls behind the counter and there's a huge display cabinet of various bottles of sweets to ogle at (you can also print out a coupon and get yourself a free bag of lollies!). Kitschy mismatched cutlery and plates and homemade marshmallows and cupcakes line the counter - a final temptation as you're finalising your bill. 

I had the apple and caramel fritters with walnuts and marscapone- the apples help cut through the richness of the cream and caramel. There are a good range of toast and egg combinations but was happy to by pass the eggs. Though on subsequent visits have sampled the French toast with bacon- mmm...

The only problem we had was that the place was tiny- we had to move our chairs to let people through to pay settle their bills and manuever ourselves whenever someone new was being seated at their tables. The reason for this was because it was cold and rainy- outside so we were a bit squished inside. When it the weather improves there are 5 more tables set up on the corner of Queensbury and Chetwynd Streets. So a nice wee place to take a special few.

The decor is definitely retro and it reminds me of being a kid and going down the street to buy sunny boys, or trying to convince my mum to buy me plastic jewellery set or water guns, and being dragged away crying for being a sooky baby.

Overall the food is good, coffee nice and a quality- unique service, you can tell the people who work here really enjoy the kitschy value of it all!

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