Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grilled tasmanian salmon with gremolata

Picked up some beautiful tasmanian red salmon fillets from Victoria Market this week and decided to prepare it with a zesty marinade- perfect for a light summer lunch.

I went foraging in the yard for flat leaf parsley and a bit of dill- was disappointed most had succumbed to the heat. What I could salvage was chopped up finely and added to olive oil, garlic powder, a dash of hot sauce, lemon juice and zest- somewhere between a gremolata and chimichurri. The salmon was fried skin side down for a minute until crisp and grilled for a further few minutes until just cooked through.

The verdict: Hunger abated and luckily no angry bears in sight.


  1. And i quote: ' I can't believe i ate the whole thing!'

    For once i was around to sample some of your delish cooking yay!!! That was some good salmon!

  2. Your recipes are mouth-watering!

  3. @ Serenity Later> Yes, that was the premium quality salmon that we were fortunate enough to try! I'll be happy to cook something else next time you visit- chocolate avocado cake? bougatsa? Maybe I'll surprise you!

    @ Anonymous> Thank you for your comment- wish I could lay claim to the recipe but the applause really goes to the quality ingredients!


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