Monday, November 30, 2009

Boysenberry ripple ice cream

Keen to anoint the new ice cream maker I received for my birthday (from the awesome Serenity Later!), we set out to make something over the weekend. While the bowl was freezing (at least 6 hours) to ensure contents is cooled as it's churned- we had plenty of time to think about  potential flavours/combinations to try. (So many to try, look forward to reporting back successes/and not so successful attempts!) Thought it best to start with a classic vanilla bean ice cream, the recipe coming from with the booklet included in the recipe manual (yay-it's even got raspberry margarita's- it's going to be a good Summer!). Vanilla. Boring? Maybe. Still, it's important to get the basics right before trying out something more challenging like smoked capsicum and sweet chilli sorbet.

In the end, we relented and decided to split the mixture into two parts and do a little bit of experimenting (what do you expect from a scientist?). One part vanilla, one part boysenberry swirl.

Making the ice cream base is simple- make a vanilla custard from scratch, add cream and then allow the machine to work its magic! After mixing for 30 minutes, the ice cream is very thick but needs to be frozen for another 2 hours for the proper consistency.
For the best ripple effect, add puree at the very last moment and mix for 15-30 seconds before transferring to a container. Alternatively you can manually stir it through as we decide to do  because the mixture was becoming too homogeneous.

And the final result? 

...Definite swirls, luscious, smooth taste and requests for more!!!


  1. I'd been thinking of getting an ice cream machine. I think this post has pushed me over the edge, I must go get one. I think smoked capsicum and cucumber sorbet may be a better combo :-)

  2. oh yum m's! that looks delicious!! how awesome are ice cream machines =) so quick and easy... elmo got one for his birfday - his last batch was mango... yum!

  3. Thanh> Yeah recommend it but see if you can try borrowing someone's first. It's easy, quick and now's the perfect time but you should avoid it if you don't have the space in your kitchen- same goes with any food appliances. The frequency of their use is directly proportional to the space in your kitchen!

    Jfox> Yum- Mango, lucky Elmo and lucky you!!! Maybe for our next cooking session we should try and make different ice creams/sorbets?

  4. YUM! How did that last for the photo? I suspect you were fighting people off with a stick to take the photo. Looks great!

  5. Hahaha... George told me about your ice cream machine.. (and was a bit taken aback because he didn't think of that idea before!)

    Maybe next visit, you could bring the machine!? hahha.. I vote pomegranate and blueberry.

  6. Hi Jonno> Well it only just made it through the photo session before being devoured by the hungry onlookers who were complaining, I was (as usual) taking too long.

    Hi Julia!> Between Anthie & George I have the cause and cure for this addiction. Btw> Lurrrve pomegranate & blueberry & was lucky enough to taste that combo in a drink recently - so good! Wonder if they'll let me on with it as carry-on?


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