Sunday, November 01, 2009

Boysenberry granita

Sitting here with a martini glass full of boysenberry granita thinking about how much more I'd enjoy it, if I could share it and if only that wonderful sunshine which peeked out yesterday (and inspired me to make it in the first place) was still around... Oh well.

The berries (frozen) we picked up a few weeks ago on the way back from the tulip festival along with various 'bulbs' which I promptly planted and now wait for them to bloom. Anyhoot, this here granita is decidedly evil in it's ease of preparation.

Blend about 500g (about 2 punnets or 2 cans with syrup) boysenberries
Add 1/4-1/3c sugar to 1/4c hot water and stir until dissolved. If needed put over stove and heat until dissolved. (add more or less sugar to taste, if you think it might be too sweet, add a squeeze or two of lemon juice- it helps to balance the sweetness without diluting the flavour!)
Add to fruit blend and pulse for a few seconds.
Pour into shallow plastic tray with lid. Cover and put into freezer.
Every 30min open lid and with a fork break apart the crystals which form.
When it sets ~3-4hours later, scrape with a spoon into quenelle and serve. It will melt quickly so don't wait.. dig in!

or if you can't wait...


  1. PHWOAR!!!!!! That is one sexy coloured granita - what an intense colour! I bet that tasted out of this world! I wish i was there to sample it. You need to make this again when i visit next


  2. Does it get a chance to melt? It'll be gobbled up quickly...


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