Monday, November 23, 2009


Breakfast on the man-made island was to be tough to come by as the majority of shops weren't open. Fresh bread in the morning is almost a perfect start to the day, particularly when you're not making it yourself! Located in Odaiba, (Tokyo) Bleble is tucked away at the back of a shopping centre and with this position, it would be tough to attract customers.
Upon entering, 2 bakers merely metres from the entrance, slave away preparing the next batch of bread presumably for the lunchtime rush. Behind them, ovens are filled with freshly prepared dough as that distinct waft hits you as soon as you enter the shop.

The bread was sweeter than I was used to, however the texture and taste was as good as I've had. With all the walking I was doing throughout the trip, I felt I could be excused for pigging out.
From the picture above, on top was a ham and cheese roll. Right was a tomato based, potato, capsicum, asparagus and cheese mini pizza. Finally an egg, mayo, cheese tomato and broccoli offering rounded out brunch. (The pastry casing name eludes my uncultured brain, so I'll need help here!)

In my rush, I caused half of the topping to fall off the pizza. I would've been on the brink of tears had it not been for the final offering (insert name here from more intelligent bloggers). Creamy egg throughout combined well with the other ingredients, while the sweetened pastry was soft and moist.

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  1. Oh no!!! I know the feeling of having food 'stolen' in the last instant, when filling drips out or if topping falls off and your reflexes aren't quick enough to catch it and the 3-5second rule no longer applies.

    Lucky you had the 3rd pastry offering- it looked a bit like a muffin!


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