Sunday, November 29, 2009

birthday delights...

What better way to celebrate an important birthday (though isn't every one?) in the company of wonderful friends, food and Pimms! Also was lucky enough to finally try Yossarian's famous Bourbon cheesecake - rich and creamy top with crumbly goodness - gobbled up quickly!

Thanks to a bunch of awesome friends am now the proud owner of the following:

...any requests?

Perusing through these foodperve-y books, there is now a library full of new recipes to try and also, hopefully, friends willing to be my test tasters! And if you're sensing a theme here you're a smart cookie!  Also received  a brand spanking new ice-cream maker (so many ideas- watch for upcoming posts!) and luckily something sure to help  work off those extra kilos after all the cooking and eating!

Thanks to everyone for helping make this day special - am one lucky fortune(ate) cookie!


  1. Happy Birthday M.

    So jealous, I want those cookbooks.

  2. happy birthday m's!!!

    sorry to miss all the celebrations - we have many food stories from our paris and hk to tell you =)
    [some pics, not many... too busy eating as usual... =p]

    see you soon!

  3. Hi Thanh,

    Thanks for the birthday greetings, yes felt completely spoilt!

    I think if I keep going like this I should seriously consider having a cookbook lending library- the only payment required is to get to eat what's cooked! :)

    Hi Jfox!
    Great to hear from you too and thanks for the bday wishes. Hope you guys had a great time OS (by the sounds of it Paris and HK - yum!!) and looking forward to hearing about your food adventures and travels soon!


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