Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Where in the world II?

Back by popular demand!

The aisles of any convenience store somewhere in the world look the same- or do they?

Can you guess where this is? Kinda obvious to those who know where my latest sojourns have been.


  1. ummmm...somewhere you can 'Go Nutz' or eat into some 'happi-to(e)s'???? Not sure i'd want to be eating to(e)s - happy or otherwise.

    I'm not going to guess b/c i know so there :P

  2. Fine!

    There's some waiting for you to Go Nutz when you come down to Melbourne next time... along with some beng beng and other interesting snacks!

  3. I'm with Serenity_Later on the to(e)s thing. I also cannot guess.

    More! More! Blog games are fun, and great fodder for procrastination.

  4. hi..just stumbled on your blog.., and I probably too late to answer this quiz.. :)
    but, i knew where it was taken.. Indonesia! am I right? Those happy-tos are corn chips, kinda like thinner, smaller version of doritos

  5. Thank for the comment Iheartbroccoli> You were the first to guess right!

    We'll see if we can get some more posts up soon and try to organise some prizes in the future! :)

  6. It's always fun to meet someone new in blogland. :)


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