Monday, July 27, 2009

Gougères- french for cheesy puff!

Serenity Later found this recipe from David Lebovitz's wonderful blog and has been promising to make them. Luckily her recent visit coincided with this years MIFF and along with some interesting movies, I finally got to try out these cheesy puffs!

The secret to making a good choux pastry that will rise according to David Lebovitz, is to be careful not to make the mixture too runny. A good idea is to use dry, aged cheese (and better with a sharp flavour too!) and to bake the puffs long enough so that they become dry and crisp. He is still kind towards any puffs that deflate... and there's always the taste!

If you don't have a proper piping bag (we do but it takes way too long to clean afterwards!) or you're a little lazy, roll up some grease proof paper and tape the side. Fill up with the mixture making sure not to over fill otherwise it will squirt out the wrong side. Snip off the end and pipe onto a tray.

The recipe can be found here. We followed it to the letter with the exception of adding colby cheese and dried tarragon instead of thyme or chives. If you like, add a bit more chilli and sharper cheese to taste (though that's just me- I like a bit of zing and heat). Overall our gougères turned out nice and as bite size morsels... hard to resist eating only one, especially straight out of the oven! Just be careful not to burn your tongue!

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  1. Hey just wanted to compliment the great hand modelling performed in these series of photos. Very impressive whoever did this job ;)


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