Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Confessions of a gustatory kind

I found a meme about food confessions on this blog and felt compelled to purge as well, as it's pretty fair to say that i have my fair share of gustatory skeletons in the closet that need a bit of airing. So folks its confession time:

1. I cannot and will not eat eggs in their natural form (fried, poached, scrambled, etc). This is a non-negotiable neurosis that probably stems from a long-forgotten childhood trauma where eggs featured prominently. As you can imagine, going out for brekkie (which i adore!) tosses up some challenges on choices that are available. I promise myself that one day i will change & learnt to be open-minded with my palate. One day!

2. Back in the days of yore, when 20 cents went a long way and bought you 20 lollies, I used to duck down to the milk bar (remember those?) and rush home to go through my haul of jelly babies so I could eat them in my chromatically ordered way. Greens first, then yellows, then orange and finally I savoured the reds. Phew! What a load off my mind fessing up to that one! :P

3. Things I used to eat on the sly when I was a youngster (on the sly because I knew mum disapproved): chunks of butter, fish fingers frozen out of the box, raw meatball mince mixture. Apparently, I also had a healthy bout of pica as a toddler, where I enjoyed taking bits of wall plaster and promptly eating them. Yummo!

4. When I was in primary school I used to buy Samboy chips in the Gold packet (original salted) solely to rub the packets on my arms so I'd be covered in gold glitter. The plain flavour did nothing for me and I now feel ashamed that I let my taste buds down purely for vanity reasons (albeit, misplaced vanity in an eight year old - it was the eighties but seriously glitter????).

5. Flavours I cannot tolerate: dried basil (as opposed to fresh basil which is divine!), cantaloupe/rockmelon (honeydews & watermelons though are great!), egginess (see 1) & rosewater. Flavours that should be anointed with the First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence (or something like that): BBQ shapes, blood oranges, mangoes, anchovies & coffee.

Does anyone else want to purge and fess up to their food-related secrets? Come on, I promise not to tell I doubt anyone could beat me having eaten frozen fish fingers :P


  1. I've witnessed some of these confessions in action and even tried a few of them too (butter eating,frozen fish fingers- but I draw the line at raw mince meat!) despite attempts to keep them 'mum'.

    I like your creative glitter makeup with the inside of a Samboy chip packet- who would've thought?

    But come on what's wrong with cantaloupes and rosewater? Even I have been persuaded to see the light with some egg dishes lately, although the 'old' egginess smell is still evokes the dry-wretch response.

  2. Those are some interesting confessions. I think I'm most disturbed not by the eating raw mince, as hey, it's just beef tataki in a different form, but the rubbing of the samboy chip packet on the arms. Wouldn't have been easier to use textas hahaha. Remember those, textas, when was the last time you used a texta.

    I have some weird food confessions too, I must blog.

    By the way, anchovies rule. Imagine eating them with mangoes, green mangoes..........hahaha.

  3. what can i say the early 80s were a different time, rubbing foil packets on your arm were the done thing in the school yard then lol!

    are you guys going to post your confessions too? i look fwd to reading them :D

  4. i confess: i still eat chunks of butter! my favourite thing in the world is nice bread toasted with HEAPs of butter... yummm

  5. Aha!!! i knew i wasn't the only one !!! seriously eating butter is not all that different from eating chocolate - you let it melt in your mouth increasing the surface area against your tastebuds - you have flavour maximisation right there!

  6. Well it's chocolate for the savoury junkie's out there!

  7. Hehe I really enjoyed reading that! :P And frozen fish fingers and chunks of butter, wow! :o BBQ Shapes were indeed good but I always went for the Dixie drumsticks when I was little :)


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