Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Pot luck college dinners

A big shout out to the folk at University and Graduate's House who always put on a fantastic spread whenever I'm lucky enough to visit Serenity Later and The Fonz in Canberra.

Thinking of university days you wouldn't normally associate it with fantastic food, rather the endless supply of cheap 2 min noodles, pizza and beer (and in my case a habit for sour gummy bears-mmmm!)- but we were in for a big treat!

These folk wield some serious cooking cred in the kitchen as well as being super talented with their academic pursuits as well!

(Cheesy meat & vegie pastries peking duck)

(beef and burgundy pie, chicken & vegetable break pie)

(apple crumble, our attempt at a rainbow cake
and quince and almond tart)

Clearly after downing all that we needed to walk it off, so we wondered down to the lake passed the museum and donut shaped sculptures and some very surprised rabbits that were chased by one of the members of our group! Thanks to everyone and hope to be able to do it again soon!


  1. Serenity_LaterJuly 24, 2009 8:59 pm

    we've joked on the odd occassion that the guys should be put in charge of the once-a-week house dinners they have included in their board, as the food they cook for themselves is of a far superior quality. most people would agree that you don't tend to put in much effort in cooking when its only for one (as it would be for most of my student mates) but these semi-regular communal dinings seem to bring out the masterchef in everyone and there's always amazing grub to be consumed. Hats off to my pot luck buddies & their amazing culinary talents! xxx

  2. I agree Serenity-if the phD doesn't work out, they have excellent career propsects as masterchefs! :)


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