Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where to get the best frappe...

I've declared an amnesty on old food adventures. Found these from a visit to that place back when it first opened last December- you know the one that put North Lygon Street on the map and that man who's catch phrase on that show inspired us all to make our dishes 'look sexy'.

a nounou caffeine fix

match it with sweet balls of honey soaked fried sweetness

fried cheese please?

pickled assortment of yumminess xtapothi (octopus) , toursi (pickled vegies), pantzarosalata (beet salad) taramosalata (cod roe dip) and xirino (pork shavings)

fried chips with thyme and extra sprinkling of salt

you can tell this photo is old- the place wasn't bursting with people as it is everytime I pass it now...

...what's hiding behind the gate?

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