Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cooking Expedition no.1

Our intrepid cooks (Jfox, Special K and M's nemesis) congregated on a warm Saturday in April to bring together culinary skills, enthusiasm for experimentation and big appetites! We set out to make 3 dishes - either signature recipes that were to be shared, new twists on old classics or something altogether new (and perhaps introduce into our culinary repetoire in the future!)

Exhibit 1. Special K's Triple S Vanilla Slice (Simple, Sexy and Scrumptious!)

I'm not sure I can divulge the secret to this long held family recipe (copyright infringements and such) but let it be known this impressive dessert was made from a total of 4 ingredients including the icing sugar on top!

Exhibit 2. Swiss onion tart (Zweibelwahe)

I printed this Swiss Onion tart 'Zweibel wahe' recipe from the SBS website a few months ago with good intention- then I forgot about it until our cooking day- just as well! This is a simple and deliciously rich tart.

It made it easy to divide the steps amongst the three of us and since I suggested this - it only seemed fair to volunteer to slice the onions (no mean feat either- as the contestants on Masterchef would attest)! Not sure what the judges would've made of rolling out the dough- but bonus points to Jfox for creativity? Fair to say our tastebuds were abuzz as we savoured the caramelised onions and crispy bacon and creamy, cheesy pie.

And just because we hadn't tired of all things sweet we also decided to make a hazelnut gateaux complete with chocolate ganache, whipped cream and strawberries! Mmhmm!

Exhibit 3. Hazelnut gateaux with chocolate ganache

This is a Brigitte Hafner recipe from a while back, which comprises of a hazelnut meringue whipped to perfection thanks to Special K's sexy red Kmix! You can go all out with the ganache and cream- but after our earlier exploits (and because we had run out of cream!) we made do with what was left after our 1-2L and made up for it by decorating it with as many sexy strawberries as we could pile on top!

The cooking experience was great- it was lots of fun cooking with these gals even better when you create something delicious that you can then enjoy over a glass or two! first cooking expedition was such a success we are having another one this weekend.

The question now is what to cook?

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  1. What a fantastic gathering! I'm impressed with your output - the Zweibelewahe is looking particularly good right about now (I'm on a bit of a caramelised onion thing, in part because I've been mixing them with roasted beetroot - wonderful!)

    I, too, have gone the full wine bottle in lieu of a rolling pin, and frankly it works a treat :)

    Great blog name too, btw!


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