Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sweet seven sins

A few weeks ago I was asked to help my friend Ms. T make some cupcakes for her boss's birthday. With the aid of the cupcake bible on loan from the lovely Ms. U we set out to make some very pretty in pink and such cupcakes.

The recipe is the standard vanilla cupcake base and classic vanilla buttercream as icing. The amount of butter is obscene and would be enough to make your arteries shriek in horror but when you look at your creation the reaction that follows reflects each and everyone one of those 7 sins!

Pride - Marvel at the masterpiece you have created...
Lust - Mmm... they look so damn fine you have to devour them all!
Avarice - But you can't stop at one...
Gluttony - They're so rich and sweet and good and oh-oh...
Sloth - How you start to feel after inhaling the first 2 out of the batch of 24.
Envy - But do you really want to part with the remaining 22?
Wrath - Your reaction to biting into those damn hard cachous... did I chip my tooth? Grrr!!!

Maybe they ain't so sweet afterall!


  1. Gorgeous cupcakes! And love the 7 deadly sins parody hehehe...

  2. Those cupcakes look so professional!!

  3. Hi Trisha- thanks, you can't help but feel like you're commiting some criminal act, creating the tasty little cakes ...and then eating them!

    Hi Dr. J!- Glad you like, only a few passed QC for photo purposes/ bday present. Just as well the ones that didn't make the 'masterchef' cut were eagerly consumed! "Sorry that one's a bit lopsided, it's okay we'll eat that one!" or "This one spilled over the edge- Oh we can just cover it in icing and eat it up!"

    Lots of fun, but lots of work too!


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