Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Long table celebrations at Bar Lourinha

Bar Lourinha
37 Little Collins Street
(03) 9663 7890
On Tuesday night I went to my first degustation dinner at Bar Lourinha's end of year Christmas long table. The evening was organised by my friend T for her birthday dinner and there were festivities, food and lots of fun and frivolities.

Apologies as the quality of photos over the evening deteriorated and to anyone wanting to know the names of dishes they were quickly forgotten, as were the matched wines- it didn't matter in the end- it all tasted so good!

1. Freshly shucked rock oysters with a squizz of limone
on a crunchy sea salt bed (I know you're not meant to eat
the salt but I couldn't help myself!)

2. Melt in mouth tuna carpaccio with lime, coriander, shallots and chives

3. Portuguese dish of prawns in a garlic, limone and saffron broth with bread crumbs to soak up the juices- my reaction mimicked Homer Simpson as he drools over donuts- this was great!

4. Stuffed squid with pine nuts, raisins, garlic, and breadcrumbs on a bed of salsa verde

5. We were served a fresh salad of baccala, canneloni beans, coriander, chilli and garlic- a very nice hit of salt and enough to kick start the taste buds again after the previous dishes

6. A palate cleanser of baby iceburg lettuce drizzled with anchovies, cornichons,
salted caper berries on a bed of aioli

7. Roasted rabbit, onion and potato with thyme
8. Green salad of celeriac, dill, shallots and goat's cheese (?)

9. Slow roasted pork neck on a bed of bitter greens- very fragrant and melt in your mouth

Then came the digestifs- moscato and jerez served with cheese and crackers

10. The final dish was a crema that tasted as if it had strawberries infused through it. The bottom layer had a thick chocolate/hazelnut mousse with summer berries sprinkled generously on top

Kudos to the chef and everyone involved in the execution of this long table. We ate exceptionally well, were entertained by lovely musicians and vented frustrations on a pinata- a wonderful evening!

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