Monday, December 01, 2008

Anada one of those places....

Anada Bar & Restaurant
197 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
phone: 9415 6101

Another tapas bar/restaurant in Melbourne. But is it good? Yes, to a degree. Anada has the pedigree, presence (or is it presumption?) and the price is... well, moderate. All things point to it being one of the finer offerings for good quality shared Spanish food but it depends on where you are and who you ask (see Ed's review on Tomato along with the very interesting comments).

This place is pretty good... but I've been forever spoiled by the experience at MoVida and to some extent Bar Lourinha so cannot help but feel as if this place tries hard to marry the two. Unfortunately on this occasion we didn't sample as much as we'd hoped but that was a combination of arriving as walk-ins, having to wait 30+ minutes and the onset of fatigue at around 10:30pm- shameful really! Will have to return soon!

Anyway onto the food. The selection of tapas and racions had the regular culprits: anchovies/boquerones, churros and paella although there was a distinct Moorish presence with nigella and sesame seeds, chickpeas, orange-blossom and labneh.

tiny croqs... very nice (this is very zoomed in!)

cold smoked swordfish with ajo blanco and broad bean

slow roast pork belly (nice and sticky- though hard to get off your teeth
without being rude) and forget what it was on maybe hummus?

rosewater sorbet with pomegranate jewels and candied pistachios
(how could we have overlooked the churros?)

It may be controversial that we passed on the churros and though the Pedro Ximenez ice cream sounded tempting (Serenity Later makes a kickarse version!) we were rewarded with something different- refreshing and crunchy (only it was hard to get the candied pistachios off your teeth too!) Methinks a better option would be to go for the banquet which is $48 per head with 10 meals selected from the menu.


  1. <*indignant*> So!!!!

    When are you planning to show me around these places, hmmm? Next time i'm on your home turf i'm assuming?


  2. I haven't been back for a while but Jak went last Friday. Terrible service and she wasn't that impressed with the food - mind you she can be harsh.

  3. Tapas if only they had a Tapas restaurant in NQ but we don't. Loving your photos!

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