Sunday, October 19, 2008

Surf and Turf

Surf & Turf: Japanese Cuisine
133 Were Street

Ph: 9562 6500

My mum possesses a distinct food radar - she looooves good value. And eating with family is a must. Thus, Mum brings us kidlets and plus ones out to the suburbs for value-laden meals. Mum receives tip-offs from Asian restaurant folks and we often end up at random and unusual places. Last weekend, my sib was home from the nation's capital and we ended up at Surf & Turf, an unassuming Japanese restaurant in Brighton.


Sashimi platter

It was crowded and rowdy at Surf & Turf. The staff and the sushi chef were frenzied but remained friendly and polite. Included in our all-you-can-eat meal ($28): oysters, sashimi and sushi platters, agedashi tofu, panfried teriyaki salmon, takoyaki and gyoza. We also ordered sake, and we rounded off the night with a scoop of green tea ice cream.

Takoyaki (Octopus Balls)


Agedashi tofu

Panfried, teriyaki salmon

Green tea

Our tip: go for the sushi and sashimi platters or the oysters (in season now!), which were fresh and mostly tasty. Bless mum and her food adventures…


  1. It's good to know the keen eye for a good get has been passed on.

    The teriyaki salmon looks great as does the sashimi- yum!

    Hope you're well!

  2. Thanks for writing about this place. I LOVE Japanese food and oysters. This sounds like the perfect place to go.

  3. Good one JFOX...

    Now you got Thanh Do salivating over this place.

    I hope this place has a stomach pump!!!

  4. ha ha m's> that's right, the good-get gene runs in the family!!

    no probs thanh> if you do decide to visit, make sure you pre-order your oysters (24 hours notice). we didn't try any of the rice dishes but i'd definitely stick with the oysters/sashimi/sushi options.

    hi oblivion> just wondering, are you thanh's nemesis?

  5. Jfox, so how does this oyster thing work if you have to pre-order? That means you have to try and pre-guess what you think you can eat?

    Oblivion is my place who always like to write that I'm fat. I sent him this link since we were talking about going to cheap buffets with oysters. We were thinking of going to the New Quay Buffet in Docklands, but this one sounds even better and cheaper.

  6. hi thanh> yup, you have to guesstimate how many oysters you might be able to eat - the oysters weren't on the menu proper, they were advertised on a sign in the restaurant (thanks to my folks - i don't know how they get this info!!)

    it was a full house when we were there (albeit a friday night), so i would advise booking ahead..

    i must confess, i'm not a huge fan of oysters, so i hope you enjoy it if you decide to go.


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