Monday, September 01, 2008

What's For Lunch?

It's been great to be back in town. Although spoilt for choice with every cuisine covered, it's still difficult to find a place that's good and fast. Due to a pretty hectic workload, I tend to head to the same places each lunchtime. A favourite of mine is the Postal Hall. Excellent customer service and coffee is backed up with some great food. Working out in the suburbs for a few years, it was surprising and a guarantee that my business would return, when the owner still recognised me. With some brisk Melbourne days they've put on 2 soups a day which taste just like home made. The following two are a Beef and Chickpea, and Chicken Meatball (The dodgy camera phone just don't do them justice.) While a little pricey at $9.50 (During the especially cold days they'd sell out!), the hearty taste and variety of small breads to tip -including a great walnut one- certainly warms the belly. Beetroot and Leek and Moroccan Chicken are some of the others that make the rotation, and while the former seemed a bit of an odd combination, I certainly wasn't disappointed. (none made it on the suit either!) A great little touch are the large napkins that are provided, as there's nothing's worse than spilling some food only to have a scrawny tissue-paper thin napkin that's more suited to drying a single snowflake. If you have any favourite lunchtime spots, it would be great to hear of them!

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  1. Hi Jonno!

    Glad to have some contributions, the soups indeed look hearty and I can imagine they'd quickly if you happen to rock up a tad late. How's work treating you? Hope you're well!


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