Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mango Pudding

At the end of summer, Elmo came home from the market with a giant box of mangoes and a cheesy grin - Look What I Got! I watched with some amusement as he proceeded to slice up the mango flesh, box it all away in the freezer and happily/enthusiastically lick his mango-juicey fingers. If he had a thought bubble over his head, it would read: We can have mango pudding all year round!

True, I thought him silly at the time, but I take it all back. We have enjoyed a couple of batches of Mango Pud over winter: thanks elmo!

Apologies for posting about a delicious summer fruit, but we are celebrating the end of winter here. And what better way than with a cheat's version of one of our favourite summertime desserts?

Mango Pudding - courtesy of mum's recipe and elmo's mango obsession

2 pkt mango jelly crystals
2 C hot water
300 ml carnation milk + 75 ml carnation milk to serve
1 egg
1-2 mangoes, cut in small pieces (fresh is best, but frozen is just as good)

Combine jelly crystals and hot water.
Lightly beat egg in carnation milk.

When the jelly/hot water is cooled, whisk into egg/carnation milk mixture.
Place mango pieces in ramekins (or tea cups), and pour mango pudding mixture in.

Cool in refrigerator overnight.

Serve with carnation milk.


  1. Here's one from last year!!

    .. It's so hard to find those mango flavoured jelly crystals though..!

  2. That mango pudding looks great and I bet tastes amazing too- mmm... can't wait 'til summer bursts forth! I love the huge variety of fresh fruit that's on offer and VicMarket's box of mangoes is such a goodget!

    Hmmm... I always assumed you could find mango flavoured jelly crystals at the supermarket but haven't really looked lately. It IS a concern if you can't find what you're after- I have the same problem looking for boysenberries- no longer stocked at any supes and I can't make boysenberry pancakes :(


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