Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chicken and chickpea stew with chorizo

The tree outside our window is beginning to bud and we spotted flowering magnolias as we walked through uni on the weekend.Hurray, spring is on the way...

We celebrated the end of winter with a Chicken, Chickpea with Chorizo stew from a Jill Dupleix recipe. Easy to make, and delicious and nutritious.


  1. yum jfox! i love the combo of chickpeas (or as my mum calls them chick pix!) and chorizo. Hope you are well!

  2. hullo serenity, sorry to keep missing you when you're in melbs. i must confess, i did think of you and your chorizo leanings as we were dishing up =)

  3. That looks delish! Can't help but salivate thinking of the smell of friend chorizo on the bed of chick peas- Yum!


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