Saturday, August 30, 2008

Baba House

Baba House
34 Errol Street
North Melbourne

It hasn't been that long since I've moved from North Melbourne, but it's been long enough to realise how good I had it there. In contrast to the rather leafy area where I now find myself, I actually miss the craziness of the Saturday morning market rush and the eccentric folk on the no 57 tram.

We've been working late at uni this last week, so we took the opportunity to revisit North Melbourne for some bites. We opted for a cheap and cheerful dinner at one of my favourites on Errol Street, Baba House.

Elmo had the Nasi Lemak and chose the beef rendang option, served with egg, anchovies and cucumber.

...and I can never go past the Curry Laska. We ordered some roti to sop up the delicious soup. I agree with these guys, the Baba House laksa just wins over Laksa King's. In addition, for my ABC, gwei-lo tastes, the heat in the soup is much more moderate than My Mum's Laksa at Laksa Me.

Our meals arrived quickly and the service was efficient and friendly. The menu features a generous selection of noodle and rice dishes hovering around the $10 mark - great for a student budget.

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