Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Htipito... you'll get a beating!

I came across a recipe for this dip I had tasted on a trip to Greece a few years ago. I didn't know it's name then but an aunt of mine had warned me of the 'heat' hidden inside the contents. This of course made me curious to try and I was surprised by two things- that fetta could be made into a dip and that it had so much kick, yet I had never encountered it before in my eating adventures (note to self: seek out more types of food!)

The name is htipito, literally translated to 'beaten or whipped' which I guess would relate to the rather vigorous whipping this poor cheese cops. Who would have known fetta could be improved upon?

The ingredients
- 200g Dodoni fetta (good greek stuff, it's creamier!)
- 20g olive oil
- 1 long green italian pepper or green chilli (with seed removed)- still hot
- 1 tsp oregano
- 1tsp lemon juice (be sparing- fetta already has an acidic bite)
- 1 clove of garlic crushed

The stuff
-Dump everything in a food processor and whip (how easy is that?)
- Serve with warm toasted pita bread or serve along with other dips. Yum!


  1. I love those garlicy dips! Although I can't talk to anyone for a few days after scoffing them down. I'm sure the chilli is good to clear those sinuses too with a nice lemony bite. looks great!

  2. Hi Jonno- could do with a kick of chili and garlic now, although the stigma attached to having had garlic does linger. Did you know you also sweat garlic??? The cure to it all is find people who love the smell of garlic and eat as much as you like! Most of my favourite dips have way too much garlic in them but that's the way I like it!


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