Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where in the world?

To encourage more interaction with fellow bloggers in this big community thought it'd be an interesting idea to make a game in which the aim is to try and identify which country the picture was taken in.

Lets start off with an easy one:

Where in the world is this photo of a service station/convenient store taken?

Seeing how the comments go will post answer by the end of the week.
If this is successful we can trials prizes too!


  1. I'm going for plain ol' Spain.

  2. I'm going for Paraguay just to be different. Although I really think Spain hahaha.

  3. Given you've just been in Spain...well it seems too obvious...but the ridiculously named Bimbo 'Negrito' is also available in Mexico...Spain....

  4. Heh... looks like there was a good set of responses from everyone and the high resolution photo would have been a giveaway- peso neto: 50g

    Some of you were on the right track in guessing Spain based on Serenity Later's recent travels.

    However the true location of this photo is indeed Peru from some of my happy snaps last year!

    Congratulations to our astute observers Agnes and jfox for guessing correctly!

    Will have to try and find something a bit more cryptic for our next round and figure out how to include a prize too!

    Suggestions are welcome and in fact I pass the torch and invite you all to post your own versions of where in the world on your own blogs! Look forward to seeing your posts! :)

  5. I just want to know what a Bazooka tastes like!


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