Monday, June 30, 2008

Tortillas Cocina Mexicana

Tortillas Cocina Mexicana
43 Macrossan St, Port Douglas
Queensland 4877
(07) 4099 4199

The sign was clear. A huge fake cactus outside the restaurant- inviting with an element of tackiness one can hardly resist! Cruising the main street of this quiet resort town we bypassed the lure of cane toad racing and baulked at the prices of the more refined dining, instead choosing to satisfy our appetites with some Mexican muncheros. This place is popular with locals and tourists and is good with the cocktails too! The menu appeared to cater to the more milder tastes but there was a whole shelf of spicy sauces for the more adventurous (see below)!

Our intrepid explorers selected:
beef burrito, whipped beans, cheese, rice & onions

chipotle chicken fajitas with capsicum and onion

To accompany the food, we selected some very refreshing and very enjoyable (in very unorthodox glassware) margaritas. They tasted great and provided the necessary bravado to entertain the thought of trying out the hot sauces!
Classic margarita & raspberry torte margarita

The options on offer ranged from sauces of varying degrees of heat X-hot and up, as evidenced by the labels of atomic bombs, skeletons, flames and vicious looking spiders- all with the intention of scaring off most folks from the caustic contents in the bottles. My attention was drawn towards Professor Payne Indeass's butt blazin' recipe #4, otherwise known as Anal Angst X-Hot sauce.

This deadly concoction of ingredients contained habaƱero chillies, worcestershire and soy sauce and despite its unfortunate name I was curious enough to try it and by that I mean, pour a drop onto my plate, dip my fingertip in it ever so slightly and singe my tongue! The taste was good, mild at first but the heat and warmth built up to a strong punch in the back of my throat. I wasn't tempted to have anymore for fear of the obvious repercussions, but was happy to have satisfied my curiosity!


  1. Ay ya ya! Anal angst???? Who in their right mind would be swayed by a name like that, particularly when we're talking about food??? It's almost like calling something Dysentery Bites or Cholera Crisps! They've gone too far! Ay!!!

  2. >ouch<

    nice to go north during dreary winter luckt thing m's ;)

    [oh! are the cane toad races in the orstraliana pub? i think we might have patronised that establishment!!]

  3. Well, I tried putting about 20 drops of Professor Payne's Anal Angst in scrambled eggs. It tasted great. Unfortunately, about 8 hours later, it lived up to its name. Anal Angst indeed ... ouch!!! I just wonder why it is hotter coming out than going in????


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