Friday, May 16, 2008

On a mission!

Casually strolling the streets of Seville threw up the sort of opportunity that one should not let pass...the sighting of a churros stand! Like moths hovering towards a light we quickly descended towards the sign that spelled out c-h-u-r-r-o-s and enjoyed watching how the classic churros con chocolate is prepared before quickly inhaling our serve.


  1. Churros, churros, churros! I want churros too. Was it good?

  2. Oh yum! I like the way they prepare the churros in snail like curls that are cut into strips. What was the chocolate sauce like?

    Yumbo jumbo- hope you had some for me!

  3. That looks great Serenity! I feel like chugging down that cup of chocolate by itself...mmmm

  4. thanh - the churros were ok (you'll be happy to know that the churros van outside vic market does it better) i think we were more enamoured by the concept of a kiosk in the middle of a busy street catering to people's need for a fix of fried dough! :D

    m's nemesis - yeah that was cool we saw some in the bainmarie and were waiting for the guy to give us those ones, but then we say him walking towards the fryer to do his stuff with the coiled dough wondering what was going on. we were happy with the end result and literally inhaled the churros in next to no time!

    jonno - oh yeah! chugging down on that chocolate would've been twelve kinds of heaven in my opinion. The guy decanted that chocolate from a giant vat - can you imagine how much damage one could inflict with that much chocolate?! yum!

  5. There's a san churros in Sydney.
    It sounded wicked, so i went and felt quite sick after my first stick of deep fried dough dipped in chocolate!



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