Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jamon, you know you want it!!!

One of the first things I had the immense pleasure of trying in Spain was the delectible jamon iberico. This first exposure to an iberian styled breakfast came about in Seville, where we stumbled past Horno San Buenaventura (opposite the big Cathedral on Avenida de la Constitucion) while scoping out sources of churros con chocolate (which we found later anyway). What a marvellous thing to enjoy first thing in the morning, a wonderfully rich, melt-in-your-mouth texture with a sweetish flavour all delivered to you in a crusty baguette and partnered of course with an obligatory cafe con leche. Check out this link for better pictures of this wonderful bar/bakery/grocery which offers a diverse array of comestibles (tapas, drinks, coffee, legs of jamon, olives, cheeses - oops sorry queso, pastries, sweets, breads, etc.).

Postscript: I also thought I'd add a pic of the last thing I ate in Spain (albeit at a canteen type of outlet near my boarding gate at El Prat). Yep, another champion jamon sandwich to finish the trip.


  1. Oh yum-that is one fine jamon sandwich. Great way to start the day no doubt, simply and yet so full of flavour!

    That link you sent is awesome too, the place looks huge and has so much drool-worthy food!

    More!!! More!!!

  2. you said it m's nemesis! i think i will edit this post to include a pic of the last meal i had in spain: the same thing! i cannot tell you how much i loved the approach towards food in this country: bread with jamon or tomato or cheese - so simple yet so perfect (well to me)!

  3. Excited to see you talking Jamón, the best of which comes from Jabugo just 8kms away from here (5J’s Bellota Iberian ham ).

    We make our own here, on the farm, but our pigs feed on chestnuts as well as acorns so it's a little different.

    Come and visit our homestay if over in Spain. We do cookery holidays and food photography courses. (Http://


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