Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Service Levels

(I actually wrote this on my other blog first but figured it also belonged here)

Last night, Lydia and I met up for dinner before going to see 2 Days in Paris (review coming) at an art house cinema. The cafe that we usually like to go to is currently closed for renovations and it's sister restaurant was so packed that people were queuing up on the street. We decided to go somewhere that I hadn't eaten at for years but was very close by.

We had about an hour before the film session was about to start so we walked in, plonked ourselves down and ordered a bowl of spaghetti each. We just chatted about crap for a while until we realised that the people next to us had pretty much finished their food despite arriving and ordering after us. I figured that based on the time I rang Lydia, we'd been sitting in the place for about 20 minutes. We decided to ask if it was coming and explained it was because we had tickets to a show. The waiter was initially apologetic saying that a lot of people arrived at the same time so the kitchen had a backlog. We took it for the time being.

But you know, how long does it take to make a bowl of spaghetti?! This was a place that normally throws that kind of food out!

So we decided to wait another 10 minutes before asking again because that would leave us with 20 minutes to scoff the food down. At this point, the couple next to us were onto their coffee and they actually commented to us that it was strange that we were sitting down before them and had yet to receive our food. THEY actually grabbed a waiter for us (different waiter I think - they all kinda looked like each other) but he was SOOO RUDE. Seriously, I believe he said something like this to us:

Look, I'm sorry but a lot of people arrived here at the same time, that's why your order is late. It is coming. Anyway, you've only been sitting there for about 20 minutes.

ONLY TWENTY MINUTES?!?! My curvy ass it was only 20 minutes. What kind of stupid waiter also reminds you how long you've been waiting?! Anyway, it wasn't as if they were like the best restaurant in the world making an incredibly complex dish - we'd both ordered the spaghetti of the day!!! I watch a lot of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, he may not be the biggest ball of charm but if there's one thing he knows, it's how to run a restaurant and he always rams it that you do not keep your customers waiting ages for their food. Also, the restaurant was NOT huge, it wasn't as though a tiny kitchen was cooking for 100 people.


So anyway, we looked at each other, got up, picked up our bags, told them the order was cancelled, and walked out.

F!@# you waiter and thank you for reminding me why I haven't eaten at your restaurant for years. It's going to be many more before I walk back in.


  1. Soooo, aren't you going to name and shame? :-D

  2. Well...I wasn't going to....
    Trotters on Lygon St.

  3. Noooo! Aw, what a shame, I've always liked Trotski much better than the Ti Amos. But that is terrible service!!

    Be careful where you complain though:

  4. Ahhhh mutemonkey I just finished reading that age article when i read this post! I had to laugh at the irony of it all.

    Mallymoodle, like mutemonkey i too was suspecting trotters' across-the-road neighbours - only because i recall getting serious attitude from a haughty french waitress there one time. Still i think a lot of places (higher end even) have this problem - even if you tell them that you need to be out by a certain time. Mind you isn't it funny when they like to dictate to you the times you're to sit and dine there - even if you've booked in advance. Gah!!!!

  5. I've likewise had some great meals there and am sorry to hear it.

    I hope the movie didn't disappoint as much as the dinner did! (I rather enjoyed it...)

    OMG Mutemonkey, us bloggers will have to behave!

  6. Miss Mallymoodle gosh do I know the bitter aftertaste of bad customer service its happened to me in several eating establishments around melbourne- better not name them though but I can say they were in the vicinity of carlton and fitzroy and we did the same thing!

    And yes mutemonkey we must be careful of complaints- is this the link?

    Yikes- all we wanted to do was satisfy our gastric rumblings!!! :(

  7. Heheh, yeah I read the stab article and that's part of the reason why I'm complaining here and not in person :P

    Ti Amos is my usual place and I've heard a lot of ppl complain about it. However, I've found that 'cos they're looking to turnover their customers they get it to you as quickly as possible. Service can be as bad as you want so long as you deliver what I want. I sure don't go to dumplings or Mekong for service!

  8. That's pretty bad service, considering you let them know beforehand that you had a movie to catch.

    I have to be careful where I complain or could end up stabbed. Gee, that's pretty scary.


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