Monday, January 21, 2008

Le Patissier Chocolatier, Neutral Bay

121 Military Road,
Neutral Bay
(02) 9953 8550

This place is beauty flirting with pure evil, coquettish and wonderfully made up but offering only suffering in the long run. That's not true but it's my reaction at having popped into this place, with the intent of picking up a sweet treat, being overwhelmed with the gorgeous array of cakes and when my senses returned so I could place an order, we had to retreat in haste as we made a dash to catch our bus that was about to leave.

An article in good living late last year echoes the siren like allure that this patisserie works its magic on you and veers you off course-if you're lucky enough to taste anything! The glaze of the tarts, eclairs and brioches entice and invite and it's hard to resist leaving this place empty handed bar for the aforementioned sad tale. I was chuffed to spot the famous frog cake though bitterly disappointed at not having tasted it.

My advice is if you happen to chance upon a place like this, let that bus drives past and take your time in selecting your cake... you'll need to walk off that pain au chocolate or two!


  1. I think it would be positively mean to eat that frog cake (those green cupcakes in the 2nd pic?). Just look at those eyes and happy smile!

  2. i'm sad that you didn't get to try any of these m's! what are the two headed-yellow banana-type to the right of the frogs?
    still edible i bet ;p

  3. Oh my! I want to eat all of it and these photos have my swooning! Absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Hi Jonno> I contemplated getting one just for that reason. It's the garish green icing I can't resist! like donuts I always gravitate towards the one that looks like it's radioactive/sick!

    Hey Jfox> I'm not sure what the yellow banana type was, maybe a mango or banana camel type thing? I'm not sure but the yellow icing is appealing!

    Hi Truffle> Definitely a food fawning moment, the desserts were all gorgeous and if they taste anywhere near as good as they look then there'll be trouble!

    Thanks for your comments folks, sorry the blog's been a bit quiet- will try and get some new posts up soon!

  5. Positively the best croissants in Sydney!


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