Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Laksa Me

Laksa Me
Shop 1, 16 Liverpool Street

It's been awfully quiet around the blogtraps, so am catching up with some old and not too old posts! This is from a birthday dinner for Serenity Later late last month- a nice place if you can find it (we almost walked past it though as I overlooked the bunker style chic). So

pandan chicken-
red curry marinated chicken deep-fried with palm sugar vinaigrette

Laksa lemak -
good version of it with prawns, fish balls and tofu

Pahd Thai -
Rice noodles tofu, turnips, bean shoots, prawns and chives

Duck broth wonton noodles -
Egg noodles with prawn dumplings in duck broth

A la Woo Wat-daan hor -
flat noodles with chicken and prawns in a velvet egg gravy

A nice (hot & spicy) dinner which was well matched on a hot evening with some yummy trampoline gelati!


  1. A belated happy birthday to Serenity Later!

    We still haven't hit Laksa Me, should really go there sometime.

  2. The pandan chicken looks delish... Although I'd suspect some intense sweating throughout...

  3. The Wat Daan Hor is one of the best in Melbourne. Alan Woo certainly has his own spin on hawker food which upsets some people, but I like it. At least its done in a humble environment unlike teague Ezard who has seen fit to homogenise it and go upmarket at Ginger Boy, completely removing it from its roots .

  4. Sometimes you have to wonder if you should give a place a second chance when you're hit by the variance in quality in a food joint. Just recently had the Wat Daan Hor for the first time in Laksa Me, and it was by far the worse I've ever had in Melbourne ever. Better still, they had to gall to charge a premium $13.50 for it ...


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