Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Do you take requests?

Hello folks,

This is a bit of a selfish request/embarassing admission but will be visiting Sydney for the first time soon *shock horror- how can you dare you call yourself a foodblogger* and am in search of some suggestions of places to eat.

I'm overwhelmed with the choices so far from perusing food blogs, talking with friends, books, and certain excellent food programs (Food Safari and Food lover's guide to Australia- love your work!) but would love to know what & where & why your favourite haunts are for:

- excellent coffee
- breakfast/brunch
- yum cha
- deli/market stuffs to make your own things
- general restaurants (cuisine, price, gimmick)

Doesn't have to be anything fancy- just the sort of places that are stalwarts for you!

Thanks and look forward to reading your responses!


  1. hehe one place that would be good for a larf is 'eating world' in darling harbour. couldn't tell you what the food is like as i didn't try, but the name alone was priceless in my opinion!!!! :P

  2. Thanks for the one Serenity, I'll be sure to keep a keen eye out for that.

    Just realised it's going to be too hard to try and cram everything on my list but the bonus is that it calls for return visits!

  3. good luck with the sydney trip m's!

    i'm definitely no expert on sydney but we had delicious fresh seafood from the fish market - though there's a bit of a battle with the seagulls outside!

    and we also went for a pub crawl through the rocks and ended up at the australia hotel (i think?! i'm pretty sure ;) ) for some amazing pizzas!

    mmm, i want to go to eating world too!!

  4. Well, we didn't end up going to eating world but we passed it (I even took some photos). The Sydney expedition was good- we had some nice meals in Newtown/Funkytown which I'll post about very soon!

    There's so many more places on the list now so really looking forward to the next trip up! :)


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