Monday, January 21, 2008

Beard Papa Sweets

Beard Papa Sweets Elizabeth street
(near Flinders street station)

This must be a familiar sight to most but it's a surprise to someone like me who doesn't come into the city on a regular basis. I noticed the blink-and-you'll-miss shopfront that literally seems to have sprouted overnight on my way home from the city library last week. There's not much info available other than baba beard sweets is an international franchise supposedly setting residence in the same vicinity as LOTF. All good and well if you like the supermarket/fast food version of a bakery without the inviting smell of freshly baked bread. To me it's a (sad) sign of the times- we've reached saturation point and still continue to push forward all in the pursuit of free market and consumer options. But at the cost of what? I guess it's not for me to question, instead I should report on the more important Q's & A's ie. what did I sample and was it good?

an international affair?

strawberry, mango, original and mint choc-chip and cheesecake fingers (convenient size, but what about the taste?)

chocolate eclairs in the 'puff'

Well, curiously I resisted, in fact I didn't feel the slightest compulsion to grab an eclair. It might be something to try out next time you happen to be on the Flinders end of Liz's street but then what's stopping you from going into the coles express and picking up the same thing or a Krispy Kreme donut?


  1. Ahhhh finally! Nice find M's! This place was meant to be opening ages ago in Melb! I've been hanging out for them, but I think it's a bad thing now I know they're open... Much better than Puffy's at QV. Good on you for resisting M's, a weaker person like me would've lacked the willpower... Here's the link to their site. I inhaled 1 every day I was in Singapore...

  2. Oh my gosh they look so evil! Thanks for sending the link too(had trouble finding it- thanks a lot google!)

    I didn't realise it was a whole store dedicated to cream puffs and that they come in assorted flavours and fillings- methinks I should take another look soon! ;)

    Also, I've tried puffy's at QV a while ago and thought it reminded me of this place too. The cold custard in the cream puff was a bit weird?

  3. hahahahahah! I was going to post about Beard Papa's - unlike you, I am a sad pastry fiend and I succumbed! It's actually quite good, but cna I say that mine are still better? And the cheescake sticks weren't half bad and well chilled for aummer arvo snacking. I guess I overlooked the conglomerate aspect when there were cream puffs in sight ;-)


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