Monday, December 10, 2007

Xiao Ting Box

Xiao Ting Box
371 Victoria St
Ph: 9428-9588

The great dumpling debate: fried or steamed? [read also as, taste or health?]
elmo: steamed
jfox: fried
jaye: .....fried!
taste wins, arteries lose...

Whichever you choose, you could do worse than patronise Xiao Ting Box, a welcome addition to Victoria Street. Special note must be made of the excellent service we had (and in fact, have always had here) - the staff were polite and pleasant, promptly topping up tea and offering rice without waiting for our request. Service like this should not be undervalued; in similarly fast and bustling places, these attentive gestures can be rare.

We had the fried dumplings which were fresh and delicious, crunchy on the outside, and soft and hot on the inside. Be aware of the hot squirt of oil as you take that first eager bite!

Ma po tofu is a beancurd and minced meat dish which in this instance was quite spicy - approach with caution.

The hor fun with beef, vegetables and egg chiffon sauce was also excellent, not too salty and a perfect foil for the heat of the ma po tofu.

Yet another choice to add to the array of eateries along Victoria Street!


  1. Has to be fried! Although like you say jfox the hot squirt of juice can be dangerous and may render the tongue useless ruining the serving!

  2. I say go with a big group so that you can get steamed AND fried...

    I love this restaurant! My family and I nicknamed it the "Shouting Box" (I know that 'xiao' means small, what doesn 'ting' mean?) and go there all the time. The Chilli Oil Dumplings are great! :)

  3. Fried please. Just like my dim sims, I want them fried.

    I was at a restaurant the other day and ordered some dim sims. I didn't think that they would be anything but fried, but then got steamed ones. I asked them to replace with fried ones and they just dropped them in oil. It was digusting because the skin went so crunchy it was like a piece of burnt paper.

  4. Oh yum!!!

    I think I remember going to that place with Serenity after working on a Saturday morning (no longer such!)

    I agree with mutemonkey both fried and steamed is the go and I really love the prawn and corn mix they have sometimes-my favourite!


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