Saturday, December 15, 2007

Walrus Chinese BBQ Restaurant

Walrus Chinese BBQ Restaurant
Shop 1-4, 22-28 Queens Avenue
Ph: 03) 9540 8981

Ah Springvale, or as my mother might say: Springers! or Springeeee! Whatever moniker you may use, this area remains one of the best places for cheap and cheerful Asian food.

In the Cambodain/Thai quarter near Springvale train station, Walrus Chinese BBQ Restaurant is yet another family favourite which regularly bustles with happy hungries. Normally, we grab a plate of their excellent roast meats and some vegies to share but this time, we were spoiled with some pre-Christmas celebratory seafood dishes.

The more traditional Chinese restaurants will serve a (free) short soup to begin proceedings. This very simple dish is one of my favourite ways to start a meal - cleansing and refreshing.

The soups vary between establishments, but generally, they are based on pork or chicken bones with vegetables. If you're lucky, you might be treated to some lotus root or other Chinese delicacies (Pacific House in Victoria Street, Richmond also serves up the soup - beware: you may have to ask for it if you're dining with gwei-lo, tsk tsk Pacific House!).Since elmo is going away for the Christmas break, we splurged out on some fresh lobster, wok-fried with heaps of ginger pieces and spring onions - classic Chinese tastes. We chose to have these served on a bed of egg noodles to sop up all the delicious sauce, but you can go without and use the sauce for your rice. Equally satisfying!

This was followed by steamed barramundi, with a soy sauce dressing topped with thinly sliced ginger, spring onions with coriander. The fish was cooked to perfection and tasted light and fresh - one of my favourite dishes.

We topped off the meal with stuffed beancurd and baby snow pea leaves tossed with some dried scallops. Although the snow pea leaves were perhaps a little tough this time, the flavours were great.

The service is friendly and mostly efficient. It does help if you can speak a little Cantonese but it won’t hurt if you can’t. Well recommended and all very delicious.


  1. Yum! The lobster and fish look particularly good.

  2. The selection of dishes is very similar to what we normally get! I do like short soup. It's usually really tasty and great in the winter... The biggest problem with lobster is getting into the cleaning bowl before everyone else does!

  3. Springvale has some strangely named places - Walrus, King Whale...interesting, if ecologically incorrect. This place has pretty decent food though. when I dined there last year I was impressed by the array of tanks holding everything bar the restaurant's namesake.

    the food was good, but what I didn't like was towards the end of the night, when a huge queue had amassed near the entrance. to say we were rushed through the final part of our meal was an understatement; I had never seen such a quick transition of dessert, fruit platter and bill.

    good point about the complimentary stuff that asians get, but non-asians don't, unless they ask - soup, fruits etc. everyone should be encouraged to demand of the waiter at the start to give them whatever's coming!

  4. makes me want to hop in the car right now!


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